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Tribulation - Turn-Based RPG Inspired by the Trails Series & Ghostbusters


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Feb 4, 2021

In Santabell City, political intrigue and shadowy organizations have become commonplace. To counter these growing threats enter Sharla, Indira, Kyra, and Liria of the newly-formed Santabell Arbiter Branch in this intricately deep turn-based JRPG inspired by the acclaimed Trails series and even the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.

I've always wanted to blend together the inspirations of the Trails series (which I absolutely love) and the original Ghostbusters movie even, as the pacing and humor is just on point. The demo for the game is currently out on Steam, itch.io, and Gamejolt. I'm looking at a target release window for the full version around late 3rd Quarter of this year, though we'll see.

Steam Page & Demo Download
Youtube Trailer

  • A story rich in depth with over 40 hours of playtime

  • Meaningful side-quests that furthers characterization of the party members and NPCs

  • Featuring a strategic Dual ATB turn-based combat system where the party members and enemies each have their own ATB column

  • Customization of abilities with the power of Attunements

  • Build up your FP and unleash powerful X-Breaks

  • Adapt to the enemy's tactics by switching rows both during and outside of battle with the Tactics system

  • 5 difficulty levels to choose from

  • New Game+ mode with bonus content

  • No random encounters

  • Go fishing in various spots in and around Santabell City




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